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Anonymous visitors can select registered user profiles they see live on the site and click on the known user’s profile to start chatting.The registered user, meanwhile, has no idea who is on the other end of the chat.He also tells me that several Turkish celebrities are using the site to allow fans to chat with them directly.According to the founders, Connected2Me now has 2.8 million registered users from all over the world, most of which are in their teens and early 20’s.Yerli didn’t want to share an exact number of anonymous users, but estimated it to be about a million.Like Yik Yak, After School, and other anonymous chat apps, removing identity could potentially lead to bullying, especially among teens.Unfortunately Connected2Me doesn’t offer a way to combat that type of harassment at the moment.Yerli and his co-founder Yurdakul Orhun met in high school.

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Looking back, now I know why the boys would chuckle whenever I told them what my screen name was.Internet Relay Chat has been on the decline since 1999, but a new generation of teens around the world seem to be discovering the joys of anonymous chat rooms thanks to Turkish startup Connected2Me.Connected2Me is a one-on-one chat service that connects registered profiles with anonymous site visitors.I'd like to say I learned my lesson, but my second screen name was TBoz623, so..."Jeffrey Wisenbaugh, Interactive Producer: "First screen name: Kool Jeffrey."Nicole Pirshafiey, Social Media Manager: "My first screenname was ABeatle Gal. It's how my current best friend and I bonded: chatting about our love of Beatles music on AIM (we were 11). It's probably best we never got back together, you know, because of Nickelback reasons."Brett Malec, Writer/Reporter: "Just a jumble of my initials and my old favorite number: B7Mand M18.I also had an 87-year-old pen pal with fibromyalgia, so obviously I was super popular."Jenna Mullins, E! I don't know where the 17 came from, because I was definitely on AOL before I hit high school. So dumb."Kamala Kirk, Writer/Editor: "My very first AOL screen name was Kamille Bangkok.

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